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Mrs. Henry Grishkowsky at St. Paul's 50th Anniversary, 1993 Hanover Illinois
St. Paul Lutheran Church
50th Anniversary Celebration 1993
by Mrs. Henry Grishkowsky

The years were those of World War II

Building materials were scarce in '43

But the people on the committees

Didn't succumb to adversity.


Hanover was just a little town

Beautiful with the river running through,

Early residents settled the land

With homes and businesses Hanover grew.


The churches were established

With congregations large and small,

But until a few had mission visions

There was no Lutheran Church at all.


So possibilities were explored

And a complete area survey was made,

Reports were sent to District Headquarters

With local recommendations conveyed.


The construction wasn't easy

Rain and wartime restrictions very real,

But that didn't extinguish the workers' joy

They encouraged one another with zeal.


Then came the day when the church was ready

On July 11th the dedication would fall,

Seeing the results of their labors

was a great inspiration for all.


And so 50 years ago on July 11th

Today's very same date

A little band of faithful people

Pledged what they would undertake.


It was agreed that St. Paul Lutheran Church

Should become the name of the congregation,

Being a part of this Christian fellowship

was an exciting spiritual sensation.


The faithful carried on

With memberships often small,

And whenever we felt discouraged

God provided and blessed us all.


We've gathered today to thank our Lord

To sing His praises and hear His Word,

We pray that through our love for Him

Other hearts will be inspired and stirred.


May our work be ever extended

May God's blessing forever be given,

May we walk our earthly path with Him

That path which leads to Heaven.


When I sit in the pew I remember

We came in 1955; that was the year

Everything was so new to us

All that now has become very dear.


There was always lots of work to do

But together we'd get things done,

Once we washed walls with someone's sweater

We always had a lot of fun.


We had annual ice cream socials

Worrying way ahead about the rain,

We'd cook and bake; the men would serve

Nothing ever seemed to be much strain.


The Sundy School was active

The children like to learn of God

Seasons came and seasons went

As along the Lord's way we trod.


So, as we gather here we remember

all the baptisms, weddings and such,

Even the partings with our loved ones

Those funerals that hurt us so much.


But each day God was with us

So as we look back, we look forward too,

Asking God to sustain us and help us grow

Blessing all that we try to do.


Written for St. Paul's 50th Anniversary—1993

by Mrs. Henry Grishkowsky






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