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St Paul's Lutheran Church women meet quarterly to share their faith and commitment to God's work by participating in community events such as the Food Pantry, The Christmas Tree Gifting Program, calling on shut ins, providing funeral luncheons and organizing the congregational fundraisers.


Food Pantry

Hanover, Illinois—Several years ago four churches from Hanover came together to start a Food Pantry. Two members from each congregation formed the board. All supplies to the Food Pantry are donated by the churches and community. Each month one Church is responsible for stocking the shelves and serving the people. St Paul is responsible for the months of February, June and October.


All-Church Bible School

Hanover, Illinois—St. Paul Lutheran participates each summer by teaching various classes, donation of supplies to the program and lunches to all children. This is a community wide event and well attended by all faiths.


June Bicycle Day

We were asked many years ago to provide a lunch stand for a bicycle event that included over 500 riders! It was a huge success for the bicycle group and also St Paul. Many years later we are still providing this service for this great bunch of people. This continues to be a successful fundraiser for St Paul.


Fall Soup Supper

Each year all members gather together to hold a Soup Supper event in Hanover. This event provides great fellowship amongst our members and our community. The soups, sandwiches and pies are outstanding.


County-wide Church Bazaar

In November of each year people of all faiths come together at our local Park District to provide a County-wide Church Bazaar. St. Paul Lutheran provides hot turkey sandwiches, sloppy joes, homemade soup and a wonderful selection of pies and cakes. This event helps us serve together and grow together in our faith.


Mutual Ministry Committee

Trinity Lutheran Church of Derinda along with St. John Lutheran Church of Massbach and St. Paul Lutheran Church of Hanover have come together to form a Mutual Ministry Committee. They are committed to reviewing the needs of all three congregations to assure all Pastoral cares are being met and the future plans of the congregations are being addressed.


Intern Committee

Together St. Paul, Trinity and St. John aide our Intern in their Pastoral development plan. We are very grateful to have an Intern to help lead and guide us in our faith.


Youth Group

St. Paul feels fortunate to be able to share in both Trinity and St. John's Youth Groups. Our youth play a very active role in our congregations and communities. The sharing of their faith through Sunday School, Confirmation, Communion, community services and church attendance helps to confirm the future of our congregations.


Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service

This event is open to all faiths to come and share God's Word. 


Ecumenical Good Friday Service

This even is yet another call to all faiths to share God's Word.


St. Paul Lutheran Church  Outreach & Ministries

Members of our congregation are active in outreach and missions to share God's Word and support our community.
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