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Trinity Lutheran Church
100th Anniversary Celebration—1960
My Church
by Mrs. Henry Grishkowsky

My Church, the House of the Lord

Where God's Word is ever adored

A sanctuary of peace and love

Where we gather to worship our Father above.


Where we bring our joys

Our sorrows and cares

Where we talk to God

Where we voice our prayers.


In the quiet sanctuary, God's altar stands

and there 'neath Jesus' outstretched hands

Confirmands kneel to pray

And couples take vows on their wedding day.


In a solemn hour of sorrow

We bury a loved one, but in our strife

We look ot the cross and find strength

In the promise of eternal life.


Here to our church the children are brought

To learn as a Christian child should

To be reverent and respectful of God's Holy Word

To be loving, to be kind, to be good.


Over one hundred years have passed

Since our forefathers came

And in a little group began this

Congregation in God's Name.


We can see our church standing alone

As it first comes into our sight

Colorfully framed in fields of green

Or surrounded by winter's white.


What joy to hear the church bells ring

On a Sunday morning fair

The carillon peals and the organ swells

And music fills the air.


So with thankful hearts we pause

To think of all that has passed

But we know that our Lord has work

For us, and we humbly bend to our task.


To spread the Gospel far and near

To worship with our lives, to run

Not walk the path that's set

Till days on earth are done.


Written for Trinity's 100th Anniversary—1960

by Mrs. Henry Grishkowsky






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